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Our Story

Radio East Gippsland (R.E.G. FM) was established in the 1980's by two dedicated groups in

East Gippsland with an intent to provide a unique community radio station.


May, 1989

Lakes Community Radio Inc. and East Gippsland Community Radio Inc. amalgamated to form Radio East Gippsland Inc.

October, 1992

Radio East Gippsland received a broadcast licence  allocated for two frequencies, 90.7 & 105.5.

Two separate studios and two transmission towers where to be established, which is the case today.


The Lakes Entrance studio commenced broadcasting from the Glenara complex with the support and generosity of the Lakes Entrance RSL.

The Lakes Entrance studio transmitter (90.7) was located on a shared tower with

East Gippsland Ambulance Service and others.

The Bairnsdale Studio moved into the old engineers house in Jennings Street, owned  by East Gippsland Water.

August, 1993

The Bairnsdale transmitter (105.5) was re-located to Mt. Taylor.


New antenna was installed at Mt Taylor (105.5).


The Lake Entrance studio was refurbished.


The new 40 metre Lakes Entrance transmitter was installed with a new antenna and

STL link to the Lakes Entrance studio.


The Bairnsdale studio was relocated from Jennings Street to Dalmahoy Street, Bairnsdale.


A new Bairnsdale studio antenna was installed at Mt. Taylor to improve coverage.


Radio East Gippsland, R.E.G. FM continues to support and entertain the community

of East Gippsland.

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